Here is a partial list of groups, both Muslim and non Muslim, who are working for social justice in Canada. Please submit information on your group to

(updated constantly)

Muslim/Arab - Muslim Council Of Montreal - Canadian Muslim Women's Committee - Muslim Association Of Canada - Info Montreal-Palestine

Website For Action Committee for Non-Status Algerians - Canadian Muslims For Peace And Justice (National) - Canadian office the Council of American Islamic Relations (Ottawa) - Canadian Islamic Congress (Waterloo) - Kashmiri - Canadian Council (Toronto)

The Coalition of Canadian Arab Professional and Community Associations - (Ottawa) - Canadian Arab Federation  - Phone: 416 493 8635 (Toronto) - The Muslim Student's Association of the United States and Canada - Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (Montreal) - Partial List of Canadian Muslim relief organizations - Young Muslims - The Ambition. Journal for Young Muslims in Canada - Radio Islam - ICNA Canada


Canadian Council For Refugees Publishes Information Pamphlet: "Feeling the Chill: Discrimination against Muslims and Arabs in Canada"   - Equity/Access Research Group!   - Canadian Democracy Movement, a grassroots group of Canadians who are highlighting the need for governmental, electoral and trade reforms in Canada. - War On Terrorism Watch Website. Website dedicated to
monitoring the measures governments in Canada and the Western world have
taken in the name of the "war on terrorism." - The mission of Vive le Canada is to involve Canadians in grassroots efforts to protect and improve Canadian national sovereignty and democracy, especially using existing and emerging communications tools. - Poverty In Canada - a site created by former publisher, editors and directors of Southam Inc. - If you are interested in media education and media issues, this site is for you! - Montreal's Coalition Against War-hysteria & Racism  - Council of Canadians - Cross Canada Peace Project - Canada Action Party  - Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives  - No Logo  - l'Union des forces progressistes - Defense of Canadian Liberty - Alternatives Action and Communication Network for Social Development - Bio Tech Action Montreal:  A working group of QPIRG-UQAM with a mandate
to inform and educate the public about the risks associated with genetically modified organisms (GMO), especially those that are used in the production of food. - Collective Opposed to Police Brutality -  Équiterre (from the French words for equity and earth) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting ecological, socially just choices through action, education and research from a standpoint that embraces social justice, economic solidarity and the defence of the environment. - Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia University. QPIRG is an umbrella organization of students, community activists, researchers and educators working together cooperatively. Our goal is to sensitize the community to social and environmental issues concerning Montréalers. We believe that change is possible and worthwhile. See also McGill QPIRG at and UQAM at - CORP Watch, Holding Corporations Accountable - International Society For Peace and Human Rights - Chinese Head Tax & Exclusion Act Redress in Canada - Assembly of First Nations - A website by the original peoples of this land. - An impressive collection of link of Canadian organizations.


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